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Johann Katz

Johann Katz“I don’t want you to go, Johann.”

The childlike queen crushed the ginger Tomcat to her. He gave her a hug around the neck with his front paws as he spoke,”I know, your majesty, but we agreed that this was an important mission. I will return to you in six months with much news of the mortal world.”

“Yes, yes,” she sighed, “There is an Evil growing here. I only wish that the Round Table hadn’t asked for you. They were adamant that a Fey with your knowledge of magic would be a perfect spy.”

She lowered him to the farm road just outside Berlin, Germany. He gave a little shiver as his paws touched mortal soil for the first time. There was so much power here! So different from back home. His eyes closed as the sun caressed his furry face. So much brighter than home! The sweet scent of hay and wildflowers reached his nostrils and he breathed deeply. He was already in love with this place.

Like a candle melting in reverse, his form began to grow taller and broader.  Ginger fur changed to golden blonde hair as his new face began to match the image of the German youth he had formed in his mind. He kept one aspect of his original cat form, his tail. His Glamour clothed the new form in the style of the day to cover that imperfection. He opened brilliant blue eyes and looked at Titania.

She pouted prettily at him in an attempt to break his heart and make him come back with her, “I’ve already lost you, haven’t I?”

“Never,” the conviction in his voice surprised him, “I will always be your little brother. I will see you in six months.”

With that, the newly-minted vagabond took his first step into a new life.

Johann Katz is a Pureblood Cait Sith. He is an agent in semi-retirement from Round Table. A skilled shapeshifter, his favorite form is a ginger tomcat. He will often change the color of his fur to black, which he refers to as his ‘working clothes.’ When in other forms, the mantle of the King of the Cats requires that he retain some physical aspect of a cat. This will often be a tail or eyes, depending on which would be easier to hide.


Johann befriended Titania when he was still an Unformed Fey.  Johann always demonstrated a focus that impressed Titania, considering that most spirits are continually distracted by events that are occurring throughout their personal timeline. Johann was always able to snap his attention to the present. They grew close enough that they thought of themselves as brother and sister, in the Fey manner.

Royal Pet

Titania ached to have Johann remain in the court in the role of her brother, but her advisers recommended against it, reminding her of when she took on Mab as a family member, and the schism created when she separated to create the Unseelie Court.

Titania comprised between her desires and the politics of the court. Johann was still young for a Fey and had not the skill or strength to create his own body. She offered to make one for him, if he would remain with her. He agreed, envisioning that she would make him into a man, so that he could be her real brother. Instead, she made him into a cat.

Johann stayed with Titania in the Seelie Court as her pet and ersatz brother for many decades. At first, he prickled at the trick she had played on him, but finally forgave her once she had explained her reasoning. This way, they could be together without the worry of politics.

His role as Royal Pet allowed him entrance to the Court and part-time work as Titania’s spy. Access to the Court Library allowed him to expand his meager knowledge of Glamour into other branches of Magic. Lessons from the brightest minds of Magic grew his skills into those of a full-fledged wizard.

King of the Cats

As male cats are wont to do, Johann would patrol his territory outside of the Seelie Court. While prowling along the edge of a river, he spotted a human toss a burlap bag into the water. From the mewing and frantic scratching to the side of the bag as it sank, it was obvious that the human had thrown a cat into the river. He was still too young and weak to help directly, so he persuaded the river spirit to cause the bag to wash up on to a sand bar. He then influenced a nearby mortal woman to rescue the two cats. A mother and her kitten were in the bag. Tragically, the mother had drowned while the kitten miraculously survived. The woman took the kitten into her home.

When Johann returned to the Court, his grief over the death of an innocent cat was a tangible thing to the Faerie Queen. With very little urging, he told her what happened. Impressed with his desire to protect and help, she made him another offer.

The last mantle-holder of the King of the Cats had died some time ago, and she had not yet designated a successor. The last few holders had squandered the gift, wasting their nights in debauchery. She granted the Kingship to Johann, making him the supernatural protector of his fellow felines.

Secret Agent


Master of Purrkour

During his time as an agent for Round Table, Johann learned about Parkour in France. Intrigued, he began his training with the intent of adapting the acrobatic discipline to for use with a four-legged body. The hard work paid off. A cat’s agility and claws made it into an effective and deadly fighting style.

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