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Have you ever noticed the flutter of a butterfly’s wing out of the corner of your eye, and when you turned to look the butterfly was gone?

If you have, you may have witnessed a Fey hiding itself with Glamour. This is a special magic common to almost all of the Faerie folk. Don’t ask them how they came to learn this magic. It is as natural to them as a heartbeat is to mortals. Glamour is deception given magical form, giving them the power to confuse minds and to even fool reality itself, dependent on the skill and power of the Fey employing it.


Beginning Glamour users are able to project images and sensations into another mind. Mischievous Fey will often use this power to play pranks on mortals that are travelling alone. A common prank is to confuse the mortal’s mind with false sounds and images, making them to appear drunk as they stagger about in their attempts to find their way home.


Skilled Glamour casters are able to create thoughtforms that can affect all the senses of those witnessing them. However, these will still not be able to affect the material world. A thoughform that has existed for a long period of time can develop its own will and personality.


The creation of solid objects. This is the highest order of Glamour, since the user is somehow deceiving the universe into making their thoughtform real.

Fey will commonly use Materialization to create physical bodies for themselves, allowing them to more easily interact with mortals. These physical bodies are either a “puppet” that the Fey is controlling from a distance or a permanent physical home for their spirit. Those choosing the latter wish to live a real life complete with the joys and limitations that come with it.

The creation of a permanent physical body is one of the most difficult uses of Glamour. The caster must fully convince themselves that they are Real, often constructing elaborate personal histories and family ties of a time before they came into actual existence. Doubt can cause the Materialization to fall apart. Thus, the origin of a new physical Fey is kept in the strictest secrecy lest it be used against them.

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