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Faery Court_ Flying Above the Court by Elicio Ember. Used under Creative Commons License.

Faery Court_ Flying Above the Court by Elicio Ember.
Used under Creative Commons License.

Faeries are a set of supernatural creatures that appear in a wide variety of shapes. They are legendary for the bright whimsy and dark terror that they bring with them.

Also Known As: Fairies, Fae, Fey, The Good Folk, The Gentry, The Sidhe

Common Locations: Everywhere in the Faelands.

Pureborn: The Unformed

All Pureborn Fae begin their existence in the same manner — as an invisible disembodied spirit. No one is exactly certain how they come into existance. One popular theory is that new Faeries are unconsciously created by the Dreaming Ones. The new Faerie has consciousness, but no form. In the early stage of its existence, it does little but float about and observe the life around it. This may go on for years, until it has learned to use its Glamour to communicate with others. Then it may project an image that it can use to interact with others. Common images are Wisps, Ghosts, or Sprites. This practice of projecting insubstantial images has encouraged the uninformed to confuse the Fae with the spirits of the dead.


There comes a time in an Unformed Faerie’s life where it wants to actually participate in the world. The Fae then begins preparing itself for Manifestation of an avatar.

For most Pureborn Fae, Manifestation is a fairly elaborate process. They find it necessary to construct an entire fictional background for their new life. They will often recruit other Fae that have already Manifested to help them build this. Often by allowing them to take on the roles of family members, old friends, or even pets. Fae that have helped others in this way often do so since it reinforces the reality of their own existence. The Unformed will choose a shape that fits in with its new family, creating new Trolls, Elves, Sidhe, Dwarves, etc. Unformed that do not become part of a family will often craft unique shapes for themselves, usually creating hybrids of animal, plant, and humankind. Many of these are quite beautiful and exotic, while others are the fuel for nightmares.

Once the fiction is firmly in the Unformed Fae’s mind, it creates itself a physical body based on that fiction — the Avatar. The Avatar’s creation may completely overwrite the Unformed’s original personality and memories. The ‘death’ of the avatar releases the Unformed from the fiction and is able to create yet another life for itself.

Other Methods of Manifestation

Glamour Puppet — Not all Fae look forward to physical existence, but they do find it occasionally necessary. In these cases, a strong Glamour user will create a seemingly living “puppet.” The Glamour Puppet interacts with the real world on its behalf. It is dissolved when not needed. The child killer Jenny Greenteeth uses this method to evade capture.

Unformed that have tried both methods often prefer creating an avatar, stating that it is a more intense experience.

Borrowed Existance — Some Unformed thirst for physicality, but are unable to attain it since they are too weak to create an avatar on their own. They will often beg another Fae to help them in the creation of one. This is a risky proposition, since the stronger Glamour user has primary control over the process and may introduce unwanted elements into the avatar. For example,Queen Titania tricked the Cait Sith, Johann Katz taking the form of a cat instead of a Sidhe.


Pureborn Fae are incapable of breeding with other Pureborn Fey. No one is quite certain why this is, since they are physically capable of reproduction. The Church contends that this is due to Fey lacking the same “spark of creation” that mortal creatures were given by God. However, Pureborn are capable of producing children with mortals. The resulting child is called a Changeling.

Changelings begin their life In the form of their mortal parent’s race. Sometimes, the child will inherit some of the Fae parent’s physical or magical attributes. Although not immortal, Changelings mature and age much slower than their purely mortal counterparts.

The Change

At the end of their mortal life, Changelings may undergo ‘the Change” instead of experiencing death like any other mortal. Those that fight against death and struggle to remain in realm of life will instead shed their mortality, becoming Unformed spirits. Changeling Unformed will usually find it easier to craft an Avatar, once they have enough skill in Glamour to do so. Their life experience gives them a stronger sense of Self than the Pureborn. Since they do not need to create an entire fiction for themselves, their Avatars usually retain much of their original memories and personality.

Racial Abilities

GlamourRead the Article.

Immortality — Faeries do not age, nor do they die as mortals do. Death to a faerie is but the opportunity to live again.

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