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About The Faelands Site

For the Casual Reader

This site is a work of fiction. It’s broken up into easy to digest articles about story elements created for the Dream System. Naturally, they are a mix of faerie legends, science fantasy, and some of my own thoughts. Please keep in mind that much of the information here is not an accurate representation of legend or history. The articles are here for your entertainment. I hope you enjoy them.

For Gamers

The Dream System is an exciting new roleplaying game that is under development by Sock & Buskin Games. There are three interlocked settings under development for this new system: The Faelands, London by Moonlight, and The Outsider Chronicles. Keep watching and you will get to witness a game or three being constructed in public, article by article.

The Faelands site is also here for you to inspire your own ideas. I have done my share of Freeform roleplaying online, and its not unusual for the players to borrow ideas from various roleplaying games. It would honor me if I were to see some of my ideas brought to life in the Red Dragon Inn.

For Writers and Artists

I’m hoping to eventually invite writers and artists to contribute to the settings on this site as a showcase for their talents, and eventually compensate them when the work here is published. More on this as it develops. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

~Keith W. Sears, Sock & Buskin Games

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