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What is the Dream System?

Dream SystemThe Dream System is a roleplaying system currently in development from Sock & Buskin Games. The rules are currently being written by the designer, Keith W Sears, and have yet to undergo serious playtesting. The content on this site is written for use with the Dream System, and will be modified as the game grows and changes. So you will get to see the game develop right before your very eyes.

Why Bother?

One could argue that there are tons of roleplaying systems available on the internet, and everyone mostly plays Dungeons & Dragons anyway, so why bother creating a new system? The reason is simple –Evolution.

Traditional roleplaying games are an outgrowth of tabletop war games. You can still see this by simply looking at the rules. There is a chapter titled “Combat” in each of them. They deliver the experience of a miniature battle, and not much else.

How is Dream System Better?

Admittedly, Dream System will not be for everybody. One game isn’t going to fit everybody’s taste. If you happen to be a dedicated fan of Old School Roleplaying, this isn’t going to be the game for you. So “better” is a relative term. However, we are working on a number of traits for the game that should help make it enjoyable to those looking for an exciting fictional experience.

Emphasis on Story

Traditional RPGs attempt to simulate their fictional realities as best they can, accurately calculating the possibility of the hero overcoming the current opposing obstacle. This can get in the way of a good story. In the wise words of Han Solo, “Never tell me the odds.” If stories worked like reality, Middle Earth would be overrun by orcs and the Empire would still rule the galaxy. Reality tends to favor the strong.

Instead of trying to manipulate the “reality” of the fiction, Dream System will allow the players to directly manipulate the story in order to achieve their goals. Dream System will use many of the tools that a writer would.


As they grew more sophisticated, the rule books for RPGs have become much thicker than when they started out. If you love to read and can memorize the tons of information needed to play the game, the thickness of the books are a welcome sight. It means you are in for hours of fun. But if you are just starting out and aren’t really into reading something that is essentially a technical manual, that thick heavy book becomes a roadblock.

One of the goals of the Dream System is to keep the basic rules simple. This is to get new players into the game as swiftly as possible. As the game progresses, they should be able to delve deeper into the story without needing to worry about the game rules..


In a traditional roleplaying game, a game will go sailing along until it comes to a combat situation. A single battle could take hours of real time to set up and finish. This is due to the wargaming origins of RPGs, where the battle is the actual game. Simplifying the game and putting the emphasis on story instead of combat will speed up the game incredibly, allowing it to come closer to a real time experience.

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