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Prime Reality and the Other Lincoln

Other Lincoln

The Other Abraham Lincoln

The primary reasoning behind alternate timelines is that for every event that occurs in our timeline, other realities form in which the alternatives occur. Let’s said that Joe turned left while going to work this morning. Alternate realities with their own “Joe”  could have one where he turned right and was late to work, or continued straight ahead and died in a car crash in the intersection.

Ideally, a graph of the timelines should follow a model of fractal geometry. Large branches sprout smaller branches, and those would have even smaller branches, ad infinitum. However, there have been gaps found in this perfect fractal model. When Project Bifrost attempted to map branches produced by differences in the lives of a number of historical figures, they found realities where those people had not existed at all. Instead, a temporal “stand-in” had replaced them in that alternate reality.

A classic illustration of this is the life of Abraham Lincoln. Recon teams sent to various branches formed during the Civil War discovered the existence of a second “Abraham Lincoln” in those realities where Lincoln’s personal history varied. Abe II’s history closely followed the Honest Abe we are all familiar with, but photographs from that time show him as an entirely different person.

This case and others like it have helped to form the Theory of Prime Reality. It is not very popular among the more practical-minded scientists at the Project, since it seems to imply such a thing as Destiny exists. It states that there is actually one “true” reality that weaves through the branches of time and it is found through those people whose lives do not produce temporal copies of themselves, but stand-ins.

Dreaming Ones

Dreaming OnesWhat is Death to an immortal? To the Fey, it is Sleep.

Like all spirit creatures, the Fey have no need for sleep or dreams. But they watch mortals embrace the “little death” night after night. The loss of consciousness and control fascinates them, since it is such a foreign concept.

Fey that have created physical bodies for themselves can understand and enjoy sleep. Dreaming provides them with an experience very close to the mortal ability to create new things.

Ancient Fey that have grown tired of life may choose to undergo the Final Sleep. This is not death as mortals know it, but a change in their state of being that will allow the Fey to sleep and dream for decades. To enter the Final Sleep, they become part of the landscape. Which part depends on what ancient element the Fey feels closest to: Air, Earth, Fire, or Water.

The Earth aligned Fey (Gnomes)  will often become boulders, part of a mountain, or a patch of rich soil. Air aligned (Sylphs) and Fire aligned (Salamanders) will appear to dissipate as they become one of their element. Water aligned (Undines) will often join a single body of water or create their own. In these forms, they sleep and dream. Their bodies preserve the existence of the Feylands. Their Glamour reaches out and makes their dreams real, making the Feylands an ever-changing and interesting place to live.

Collectively, they are known as the Dreaming Ones. You do not want to wake them.

The Sight

The SightThe Sight is a psychic ability that occurs naturally in some people. It allows them to see things as they really are, revealing fey and other spirits that are trying to hide, as well as see through Glamour.

Animals may also possess this ability. Does your dog or cat react to things you cannot see? Then there is something there.

Some entities may react badly to a person with The Sight. They do not like being spied upon. Continue reading



Have you ever noticed the flutter of a butterfly’s wing out of the corner of your eye, and when you turned to look the butterfly was gone?

If you have, you may have witnessed a Fey hiding itself with Glamour. This is a special magic common to almost all of the Faerie folk. Don’t ask them how they came to learn this magic. It is as natural to them as a heartbeat is to mortals. Glamour is deception given magical form, giving them the power to confuse minds and to even fool reality itself, dependent on the skill and power of the Fey employing it.


Beginning Glamour users are able to project images and sensations into another mind. Mischievous Fey will often use this power to play pranks on mortals that are travelling alone. A common prank is to confuse the mortal’s mind with false sounds and images, making them to appear drunk as they stagger about in their attempts to find their way home. Continue reading

Cold Iron

Cold IronCold iron is an archaic term for iron forged into a weapon, such as a sword or knife. It would be the equivalent to “cold steel” in modern usage.

Cold Iron also has an effect on some magic. Due to its unique crystalline structure, the metal grounds out active spells. This often blunts their power or can nullify a spell entirely.  Users of magic will often keep the amount of iron on their person to a minimum in order not to affect their own spell casting.

The Fey will often give iron a wide berth, since they are creatures actually made of magic. Masters of Glamour are capable of creating physical bodies for themselves, and iron is capable of affecting those bodies like a poison. Fey ingesting food cooked or served with iron implements may become sickened. Cuts from iron knives will appear burned along the edges of the wound. A Fey killed by an iron weapon may experience True Death, since the metal could disperse the Fey’s spirit to the point where it is unable to ever successfully reintegrate.

The Veil

ghouish veil“The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist”

Charles Baudelaire

Human beings possess an infinite capacity for self-deception. They also have a supreme antipathy for those things that disrupt the routine of their lives. This often leads to humanity’s inability to acknowledge or even see supernatural things or events. Those that deal with occult forces on a regular basis often refer to this phenomenon as, “The Veil.”

The Veil is both a friend and foe to agents of Round Table. Missions are covert in order to avoid panic. People’s refusal to see what is going on around them or to rationalize it away prevents that from happening. However, this disbelief also makes it difficult to save innocents when they cannot realize the danger they are in.

The Veil does not affect very young children, but they do acquire the condition as they age. Usually, the Veil is firmly in place by the age of 13. Occult training or unusual life experiences will stave off the Veil. Mental diseases that induce hallucinations or delusions have also prevented the Veil from forming for the patient. Continue reading