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dragon eyeDragons are the oldest of the Fae Races, and one of the few to achieve Actualization – the change into an actual physical race.

Common Locations: Anywhere in the Faelands.


Faeries love to imitate physical beings, usually with their own personal touches like wings and fire breath. The first forms that the ancient Fae copied were dinosaurs and lizards. They bred with the mortal animals and produced Changeling offspring that retained much of the Fae parent’s attributes.

Fae will still take on dragon form, but it is a rare occurrence. This is because the dragons have taken on the attitude that they will not allow a false dragon into their clans. Without family support, a Fae dragon Glamour avatar will often unravel shortly after it realizes it really isn’t real. Continue reading


Faery Court_ Flying Above the Court by Elicio Ember. Used under Creative Commons License.

Faery Court_ Flying Above the Court by Elicio Ember.
Used under Creative Commons License.

Faeries are a set of supernatural creatures that appear in a wide variety of shapes. They are legendary for the bright whimsy and dark terror that they bring with them.

Also Known As: Fairies, Fae, Fey, The Good Folk, The Gentry, The Sidhe

Common Locations: Everywhere in the Faelands.

Pureborn: The Unformed

All Pureborn Fae begin their existence in the same manner — as an invisible disembodied spirit. No one is exactly certain how they come into existance. One popular theory is that new Faeries are unconsciously created by the Dreaming Ones. The new Faerie has consciousness, but no form. In the early stage of its existence, it does little but float about and observe the life around it. This may go on for years, until it has learned to use its Glamour to communicate with others. Then it may project an image that it can use to interact with others. Common images are Wisps, Ghosts, or Sprites. This practice of projecting insubstantial images has encouraged the uninformed to confuse the Fae with the spirits of the dead. Continue reading

Dreaming Ones

Dreaming OnesWhat is Death to an immortal? To the Fey, it is Sleep.

Like all spirit creatures, the Fey have no need for sleep or dreams. But they watch mortals embrace the “little death” night after night. The loss of consciousness and control fascinates them, since it is such a foreign concept.

Fey that have created physical bodies for themselves can understand and enjoy sleep. Dreaming provides them with an experience very close to the mortal ability to create new things.

Ancient Fey that have grown tired of life may choose to undergo the Final Sleep. This is not death as mortals know it, but a change in their state of being that will allow the Fey to sleep and dream for decades. To enter the Final Sleep, they become part of the landscape. Which part depends on what ancient element the Fey feels closest to: Air, Earth, Fire, or Water.

The Earth aligned Fey (Gnomes)  will often become boulders, part of a mountain, or a patch of rich soil. Air aligned (Sylphs) and Fire aligned (Salamanders) will appear to dissipate as they become one of their element. Water aligned (Undines) will often join a single body of water or create their own. In these forms, they sleep and dream. Their bodies preserve the existence of the Feylands. Their Glamour reaches out and makes their dreams real, making the Feylands an ever-changing and interesting place to live.

Collectively, they are known as the Dreaming Ones. You do not want to wake them.

Humans, Fae

To find a pureblooded Human in the Faelands is a rarity. Many of those that you can find will be the descendants of Humans that have mixed their bloodlines with Fae to create a mortal hybrid. Depending on the amount and power of the Fae blood, the hybrids may have remarkably long lives or even exhibit Fae powers with a bit of training. However, the common consensus is that they will eventually die.

Also known As: Mortals

Common Locations: Everywhere


Humans are bipedal creatures with a variety of skin tones and eye colors. They are usually hairless, except for a tuft on the head and small bits here and there on the anatomy.

Green Skin

Most Fae Humans often suffer from a condition called Hypochromic Anemia, more commonly known as, “Green Sickness.” This is due to a lack of iron in their diet. For normal Humans, this would also lead to physical weakness. However, the lack of iron in a Fae Human causes no symptoms outside of the discoloration of the skin. A change in diet with a richer iron content has been known to clear up this condition.


Fae Humans have been known to exhibit natural magical powers. or perhaps an extraordinary skill.


Caged Faery! by Avariel Falcon. Used under Creative Commons License.

Caged Faery! by Avariel Falcon.
Used under Creative Commons License.

In comparison to other Fey races, Sprites are a relative newcomer. This form of Fey first came into vogue during the Elizabethan period and reached its height of popularity during the reign of Victoria.

Also Known As: Fairy, Faerie, Pixie

Common Locations: Avalon


Sprites are approximately 15 centimeters (6 inches)  in height with wings upon their back. Dragonfly or Butterfly wings are the most common. Some have been known to possess birds wings. In some rare instances, the wings are a blend between insect wings and flower petals.

Racial Abilities

In most cases, Sprites are able to fly. There have been some where the wings are useless and are only there for show.

Sprites are capable of using Glamour and swelling to human height.


Sprites are often childish in demeanor, caring only for games and tricks. They are infamous for their short span of attention.


Sprites do not recognize either the Seelie or Unseelie courts. Not out of any political disagreement, but the general consensus is that they are both “boring.”

For most of their existence, the Sprites have a single crown used to coronate their new king or queen. The reign of the new monarch will then last until they become bored with it and pass the crown on to the next Sprite that shows the least bit of interest. The shortest reign has been for 30 seconds. The longest still continues after a number of years.

Queen Jewel has been a popular ruler for the Sprites since she has been able to build her own Court with all the pomp and flash of the Seelie, but without any of the substance. She has been the longest to hold the crown because she, “Really, really likes the attention.”

Cait Sith

“Johann? Are you all right? It is time to wake up, little one!”

Cat Sith

Traditional Cait Sith,

One would think that a voice could not sound so sweet and so imperious simultaneously, but Titania managed to do it on a regular basis. At her command, Johann opened his golden eyes, blinked away the sleep stuff and yawned. He wobbled to his four feet and took a few experimental steps on the Faerie Queen’s bed.

She smiled sweetly to him, “How do you feel? Is it a comfortable fit? I really do think it’s my best work!”

He mewled to her and she scritched him under his furry chin. His head felt confused, but he was bursting with energy! So many sensations! He playfully batted at her hand as she withdrew it. She placed a silver mirror in front of him so he could see himself.

He cocked his head to the side and the cat in the mirror did so as well. Handsome little ginger beast, but something was wrong. Some part of his memory kept nagging at him. After several seconds of admiring himself, it struck him like a lightning bolt.

He reared up on his hind legs and spoke in the best voice he could manage, “THIS ISN’T WHAT I ASKED FOR!”

The Cait Sith are a Fey race that took the form of cats when they decided to manifest into a physical body, or a changeling that was born into the shape.

Common Locations: Northern Avalon and Tir Nan Og.


Traditionally, Cait Sith possess black fur with a white spot upon their chest. This traditional form is that of the Kellas Cat of Scotland, which is a hybrid of wild and domestic cats. Wearers of this shape have reported to find it excellent for living in the wild, but not especially disturbing to humans.

Newer Cait Sith often choose to resemble common house cats, with a variety of colors and sizes. The Fey that have taken on these forms often do this to blend in better in human society.

Racial Abilities

Caith Sith all possess the Fey powers of Glamour, Shapeshifting, and Telekinesis, but are rarely seen using them. This is due to how deeply the Fey gets into the ‘role’ of being a cat. Many of them simply forget these powers, since most of them will consider using anything other and fangs and claws is somehow cheating.

They have claws and fangs, naturally. Of course, they also possess the agility and senses of a cat.

Cait Sith are capable of human speech.

Many Cait Sith aren’t entirely happy with paws, since they want to manipulate objects like a human would. These Fey will often develop “pawhands” with fingers that they can extend to handle and grip, but then curl up to act as ordinary paws.