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Jenny Greenteeth

Jeny Greenteeth

Jenny Greenteeth. Painting by Wilhelm Kotabinski (1849-1921) Sourced Wikipedia Commons; Public Domain

Jenny Greenteeth is a water Fey known to drown her victims and sometimes devour them. She is consistently described as having long hair, green skin, and sharp teeth. However, her appearance will vary between that of a child, a winsome beauty, or horrific hag. The theory is that this is to make it easier to lure her prey into the water and then paralyze them with fear. Her favorite prey is young children. Her favorite killing areas are bodies of water where duckweed grows.

Hunts for Jenny are a common occurrence when there have been a number of drownings or missing children in an area. She has not been captured or destroyed since she is a creature of opportunity rather than habit. She remains in spirit form and creates temporary bodies with Glamour only when hunting a victim. She has always vanished when the searchers for her come and then manifests in another body of water.

Johann Katz

Johann Katz“I don’t want you to go, Johann.”

The childlike queen crushed the ginger Tomcat to her. He gave her a hug around the neck with his front paws as he spoke,”I know, your majesty, but we agreed that this was an important mission. I will return to you in six months with much news of the mortal world.”

“Yes, yes,” she sighed, “There is an Evil growing here. I only wish that the Round Table hadn’t asked for you. They were adamant that a Fey with your knowledge of magic would be a perfect spy.”

She lowered him to the farm road just outside Berlin, Germany. He gave a little shiver as his paws touched mortal soil for the first time. There was so much power here! So different from back home. His eyes closed as the sun caressed his furry face. So much brighter than home! The sweet scent of hay and wildflowers reached his nostrils and he breathed deeply. He was already in love with this place.

Like a candle melting in reverse, his form began to grow taller and broader.  Ginger fur changed to golden blonde hair as his new face began to match the image of the German youth he had formed in his mind. He kept one aspect of his original cat form, his tail. His Glamour clothed the new form in the style of the day to cover that imperfection. He opened brilliant blue eyes and looked at Titania.

She pouted prettily at him in an attempt to break his heart and make him come back with her, “I’ve already lost you, haven’t I?”

“Never,” the conviction in his voice surprised him, “I will always be your little brother. I will see you in six months.”

With that, the newly-minted vagabond took his first step into a new life.

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King of the Cats

King of the Cats

Manifestation of the King of the Cats

The King of the Cats is a mantle held by one of the Cait Sith. This mantle is under the control and bestowed by the Seelie Queen Titania. It is currently carried by Johann Katz.


Sources close to the Seelie Court have stated that the King of the Cats is actually an elaborate jest, since cats do not acknowledge any ruler except themselves. Others have suggested that it was due to a misunderstanding of an old human folk tale. The Fey often have difficulty telling the difference between fantasy and fact, and thought it would be a jolly good idea to create the magical mantle of a cat king.


The appearance of the King of the Cats is primarily that of a black lion the size of a horse. A ghostly flaming crown floats just above the mane. Attributes of other cat species are in evidence in the physical form, since the King represents all cats. The Kings eyes retain the color of the mantle bearer.


The responsibilities of the King of the Cats varies according to the cat that holds the mantle. According to Johann Katz, many of the past holders have done little with it except to hold parties every night. He himself uses the position to help protect his people, both Fey and mortal cats alike. When he cannot protect them, then he will avenge them. In one supposed work of fiction is a depiction of the King’s Vengeance where a village’s cats devoured two cat killers for the murder of a kitten.

Traits of the King

Always a Cat – Before taking up the mantle, Johann was able to change into any form he wished like any other Fey. However, the mantle restricts this so that he must always possess some feline physical trait in order to retain the kingship. Often, he will keep his cat’s eyes or tail in order to fulfill this requirement.

Cat Enhancement – The King has been known to lend greater intelligence and physical power to his feline followers.

Cat Plus – The King possesses the abilities of all cat species at an increased intensity.

Summonable – Those with the proper knowledge and magical ability can summon the King into their presence, Since he is a living representation of all cats. Those of the mantle bearer’s bloodline can temporarily call upon the King’s power for their own use, becoming a smaller version of the King.

The Unseen Claw – Apparently an enhanced form of telekinesis. The Claw is able to slice instantly through dense materials like metal before the target is even aware it is under attack.