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Prime Reality and the Other Lincoln

Other Lincoln

The Other Abraham Lincoln

The primary reasoning behind alternate timelines is that for every event that occurs in our timeline, other realities form in which the alternatives occur. Let’s said that Joe turned left while going to work this morning. Alternate realities with their own “Joe”  could have one where he turned right and was late to work, or continued straight ahead and died in a car crash in the intersection.

Ideally, a graph of the timelines should follow a model of fractal geometry. Large branches sprout smaller branches, and those would have even smaller branches, ad infinitum. However, there have been gaps found in this perfect fractal model. When Project Bifrost attempted to map branches produced by differences in the lives of a number of historical figures, they found realities where those people had not existed at all. Instead, a temporal “stand-in” had replaced them in that alternate reality.

A classic illustration of this is the life of Abraham Lincoln. Recon teams sent to various branches formed during the Civil War discovered the existence of a second “Abraham Lincoln” in those realities where Lincoln’s personal history varied. Abe II’s history closely followed the Honest Abe we are all familiar with, but photographs from that time show him as an entirely different person.

This case and others like it have helped to form the Theory of Prime Reality. It is not very popular among the more practical-minded scientists at the Project, since it seems to imply such a thing as Destiny exists. It states that there is actually one “true” reality that weaves through the branches of time and it is found through those people whose lives do not produce temporal copies of themselves, but stand-ins.

Dimensional Regulator

While traveling to a parallel timeline by magnetic translation, dimensional travelers (also known as Outsiders) gain a “charge.” This charge is unstable due to the constant changes that occur in the human body. Each Outsider must wear a Dimensional Regulator, a small device that stabilizes the charge. A Regulator allows an Outsider to operate without being subject to the side effects of dimensional travel. Advanced models can manipulate the charge allow for some limited dimension effects.


The Regulator is often disguised as a wristwatch or bracelet. This is to allow for easy access to the Regulator’s control panel. A hidden catch will open the control panel of the device, allowing the wearer to make use of it. There are pendant and ring versions as well. These will stabilize the charge, and allow the wearer to return home, but nothing else. A ring or pendant is often used as a backup in case the main Regulator is lost or damaged.

Weight.: 250 grams. (Ring is a 100 grams.)


The Regulator stabilizes the dimensional charge in an Outsider. This is a passive ability, and all that the Regulator need do is stay in contact with the wearer’s body for it to work. There are three buttons to produce different effects with the dimensional charge:

Red Button – Returns the Outsider to his home timeline.
Yellow Button – Renders the wearer invisible to Visible Light, Infrared Light, and Radar.
Blue Button – Shoves the wearer slightly out of phase with the reality, making them untouchable and able to pass through physical objects.

The Outsider may use the yellow and blue buttons safely  5 times per day. Using them more often than that can cause Destabilization. The red button rids the wearer of the dimensional charge, returning him to his own timeline.


Removal the Regulator from the wearer while he is in a another reality or overuse of the yellow or blue buttons may cause Destabilization. One of the following things may happen:

  • Returns to home reality.
  • Snaps to a random reality.
  • Freeze- Becomes paralyzed and invisible. He is still conscious and overly aware of time’s passage. People laying hands on the victim will ground the unstable charge and end the freeze.
  • Deep Freeze- As above, but he goes into a coma-like state. People laying hands on the victim will ground the unstable charge and end the deep freeze.
  • Becomes intangible.


Order of Saint Albert (Einstein)

Albert Einstein

“Einstein 1921 by F Schmutzer – restoration” by Ferdinand Schmutzer

The Order of St. Albert (Einstein) is a Gnostic order of monks dedicated to the belief that all knowledge brings us closer to an understanding of God. The Infinite Library is the headquarters for the Order.


Within the Tree of Time, the version of Albert Einstein that the Order follows is from Earth-105-19501205 according to the Yggdrasil divergence label.  Within this branch of time, Einstein completed and published his Unified Field Theory. This publication also included a section that mathematically proved the existence of God. It has since become known popularly as the “God Equation.”

Princeton University published Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. The God Equation was largely ignored or simply laughed off by the scientific minds that read it. Rumors spread that Einstein was losing his mind in his old age. That is, until it came to the attention of Pope Pius XII in 1953 and was immediately embraced by him.

Pius XII was known for this reforms in the Catholic Church. He pressed for the God Equation to be adopted by the Church. Other Church leaders argued to oppose this, since it contradicted that the existence of God be accepted on faith.

Underground Movement

Einsteinism became a popular subject on college campuses. Some found the underlying questions raised by the Equation intriguing. What if God could be found in science, or in sources other than religion?

The Catholic Church dropped the debate upon Pius XII’s death. Many in the Vatican found it a relief to return to business as usual. Word had spread into other religious circles in the meantime. Most fundamentalist churches declared Einsteinism an attack on religion and organized to keep it from spreading. Followers of this new branch of Christianity learned to practice it in secret, lest they be ostracized by their neighbors.


In 1964, followers of Einsteinism began vanishing. Primarily, the missing persons would be single men, but there would also be the occasional family. The usual pattern included the closing of bank accounts and the payoff of debts. Homes would be sold. Police would find the person’s vehicle abandoned near a library. Questioning the librarians would reveal that the missing people entered the building with a pass that allowed them into the special stacks of the library, but those same people were never seen to leave the building.

See: The Infinite Library

The Principles of Einsteinism

  • I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details
  • The further the spiritual evolution of humanity advances, the more certain it seems to me that the path to genuine religiosity does not lie through the fear of life, and the fear of death, and blind faith, but through striving after rational knowledge.
  • God is subtle but he is not malicious.
  • Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.
  • The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing
  • God does not play with dice.
  • A joke becomes much less funny if it requires an explanation.

Philadelphia Experiment

It was originally known as Project Rainbow. In the year 1943, the United States Navy conducted tests to create a magnetic camouflage that would render a vessel invisible to radar. The basis of the Experiment was Einstein’s unfinished Unified Field Theory. The results exceeded their wildest imaginings. In the Philadelphia shipyard, the USS Eldridge vanished from sight. The only evidence of it’s physical presence was the indentation it made in the water and a greenish fog. Then even that was gone as the destroyer vanished and appeared briefly in one of it’s berths in the Chesapeake Bay area. It then reappeared back in the Philadelphia harbor.

The side-effects experienced by the men on board were horrific. Prolonged exposure to the strong magnetic field had driven have the crew insane. Some of the crew underwent strange bouts of dimensional “slippage” years after the experiment. There are reports of sailors falling into strange comas, becoming invisible, or even passing through solid walls.

What is Unknown

There is one thing that all the reports about it do not mention. During the period of quarantine after the experiment, one of the Eldridge’s crew was staring at his pay and overheard wondering aloud why George Washington was on the one dollar bill instead of Thomas Jefferson. A quick-thinking officer hushed the sailor and quietly showed the dollar to the other crewmen. The consensus was unanimous. Each said the wrong man was on the bill, and it should actually be Jefferson. The five dollar bill should have the picture of Washington on it.

Over the course of weeks, American intelligence officers debriefed the crewmen of the Eldridge. Questions included not only as to what they had experienced during the experiment, but also details of American history and their own lives. The answers the crew gave were fairly consistent, but some of the details disagreed with the history books. According to Navy records, there were also some crewmen that had been on board that were actually on other ships or simply did not exist.

The Navy concluded that the crew members who participated in the experiment were not the same ones that had come back. The magnetic field had somehow pushed the original ship and crew out of this world. Those that had come back were from a parallel timeline where their own Navy had been conducting the experiment at the same moment. Each of those men died over the years, far from their true homes.

Officially, the experiment never happened. In actuality, it moved even deeper into secrecy and renamed. Project Outsider was born.


“So, this is what Time looks like?”

Simplified Model of the Omniverse

Simplified Model of the Omniverse

Solomon looked back over his shoulder at the Senator, “This is just a small portion of it. I’ve programmed the Yggdrasil supercomputer to give us the center of it and reduce the model to simply the major branches. Otherwise, it would fill up the monitor so that the entire screen would be nothing but green. We’ve already made some inroads exploring these other branches, and I’m sure that with further funding. . . “

The Senator cut him off, “This is all fine and dandy, Dr. Solomon, but what makes you think that the United States government would be so willing to pour more money into what has so far proven to be nothing but pure research?”

“Exactly why I asked for you specifically, Senator.” Solomon unwrapped a snow globe and placed it on the desk in front of the Senator. It was a cheap little thing that could be purchased in any gift shop in Washington DC. However, among the swirling plastic snowflakes could be seen the flag of the USSR and the words, “Welcome to Amerika” printed below that.

Senator Joseph McCarthy sharply took in a breath. Solomon smiled enigmatically, “We retrieved this from a branch of time very near ours. If we have the technology to hop into their reality, it’s a good bet they also possess this same technology. They may not stop at pure research.”

It was 1954, and the Red Scare was in full force. Solomon got his funding.

A philosophical wag one said that the only reason for the existence of Time was to make certain that everything didn’t happen at once. He was quite correct in this statement, but not in the way that one might imagine.

When you put time into a visual context, it is usually expressed as a series of events in a single line. . . Event A leads to Event B to Event C. The nature of time isn’t so simple. Time is not a line. Time is a tree with an infinite number of branches. . For every even that occurs, time splits into other realities where the alternatives to that event are carried out.

For example, if Joe stops at an intersection on the way to work, and then continues straight ahead… In Branch A, Joe instead decides to blow off work and turns left instead. In Branch B, Joe remembers something he needs to pick up something at the pharmacy, and turns right. In Branch C, Joe runs the stop sign and is hit by a truck. All the Joes (except maybe for Joe C) then continue to create their own alternate Joes in their own realities, ad infinitum.

There are an infinite number of Universes woven together by Time into a Omniverse.

Event Zero

Event Zero is the center hub of the Omniverse branches, and represents the creation(s) of the Omniverse. Though it is a singular chronological event, research into the creation of several Zero Branch realities has proven that they were brought into existence by something other than the Big Bang. Evidence of this has been strongest in those branches where magic has replaced science as the ascendant mode of thought.


Zero Branch- The divergence begins at Event Zero. These changes affect the entire universe and may result in different physical laws and/or an alternate origin of the Universe.

Major Branch– Divergence occurs on an international/global level.

Minor Branch– Divergence from the city level up to the national level.

Micro Branch – Divergence that affect a single person or small group of people.

Divergence Label

The Yggdrassil  mainframe computer of Project: Outsider labels discovered branches and predicts possible new branches. Each label uses the following format:

[Native Name for World] – [Order of Discovery, in case of duplicate world names.] – [Date of Divergence yyyymmdd] – [Military Time of Divergence hhmmss] Example: Terra-203-20050822-132259

Traveling the Omniverse

There are methods of hopping from one branch to another. Most of these are difficult due to the extreme steps one must take and the ever-changing nature of the Omniverse.

Magnetic Translation

This process for traveling between the branches was first discovered during the infamous Philadephia Experiment. The process has since been stabilized by the US Government’s Project: Outsider, but still remains a potentially dangerous process.

Volunteers subjected to the process have their personal magnetic field temporarily altered to match that of another branch. The volunteer attaches a stabilization device to prevent the side effects experienced by the crew of the USS Eldridge in the original Experiment.


A portal is literally a doorway to another world. They have been known to occur naturally. Those happening in nature are invisible, unstable and often allow for travel in only one direction. Primary examples can be found in the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

Artificial portals have been known to exist. Very often they are the products of magic instead of science.

Academia Magica

The Academia Magica is a stately Victorian mansion with the unique feature that the building physically exists in several realities simultaneously. It can be found in realities that have a high magic rating, and always in an area with a high amount of mana. Its home location is Avalon, the Faerie Island in Arthurian legend.

The Academia is a famous School of Magic among Adepts. It is known for teaching the Raw Magick, a style of magic adaptable to numerous realities.

Infinite Library

The Infinite Library is an interdimensional construct that links an uncountable number of realities together. Each of its openings end in a library anchored in one reality or another. In every case, that library is well known for the rare knowledge it contains.

The Library is maintained by the Order of St. Albert (Einstein). This Gnostic brotherhood of monks has made it its mission to collect all existing knowledge. Their belief is that all knowledge is a reflection of God, and by collecting all knowledge; they would gain a complete picture of God.

O.D. McGuffin, Curiosities

Looking at the entrance, it does not appear very impressive. The shop has a single, nondescript door with a small brass plaque upon it with “O.D. McGuffin, Curiosities” engraved upon it. Opening the door leads into a cozy little shop with a wide variety of exotic doo-dads hung upon the walls and in glass cases. Just about any time the shop is open, you can find the elderly proprietor, O.D. McGuffin, grousing behind the counter.

There is only one shop, but it has many locations. The front door is a dimensional portal that opens up to a number of alternate realities. The door is usually found in a non-obvious place, usually amidst a number of small shops or even in an alley.

You can buy just about anything at O.D. McGuffin’s, if you can pay the price. However, money is nearly useless to the dimension-spanning shopkeeper. There is only one coin that has any value that is good in just about any reality . . . Information. O.D. is a shrewd negotiator, earning him the nickname of “Old Devil.” It is a reputation he seems to delight in.