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Order of Saint Albert (Einstein)

Albert Einstein

“Einstein 1921 by F Schmutzer – restoration” by Ferdinand Schmutzer

The Order of St. Albert (Einstein) is a Gnostic order of monks dedicated to the belief that all knowledge brings us closer to an understanding of God. The Infinite Library is the headquarters for the Order.


Within the Tree of Time, the version of Albert Einstein that the Order follows is from Earth-105-19501205 according to the Yggdrasil divergence label.  Within this branch of time, Einstein completed and published his Unified Field Theory. This publication also included a section that mathematically proved the existence of God. It has since become known popularly as the “God Equation.”

Princeton University published Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. The God Equation was largely ignored or simply laughed off by the scientific minds that read it. Rumors spread that Einstein was losing his mind in his old age. That is, until it came to the attention of Pope Pius XII in 1953 and was immediately embraced by him.

Pius XII was known for this reforms in the Catholic Church. He pressed for the God Equation to be adopted by the Church. Other Church leaders argued to oppose this, since it contradicted that the existence of God be accepted on faith.

Underground Movement

Einsteinism became a popular subject on college campuses. Some found the underlying questions raised by the Equation intriguing. What if God could be found in science, or in sources other than religion?

The Catholic Church dropped the debate upon Pius XII’s death. Many in the Vatican found it a relief to return to business as usual. Word had spread into other religious circles in the meantime. Most fundamentalist churches declared Einsteinism an attack on religion and organized to keep it from spreading. Followers of this new branch of Christianity learned to practice it in secret, lest they be ostracized by their neighbors.


In 1964, followers of Einsteinism began vanishing. Primarily, the missing persons would be single men, but there would also be the occasional family. The usual pattern included the closing of bank accounts and the payoff of debts. Homes would be sold. Police would find the person’s vehicle abandoned near a library. Questioning the librarians would reveal that the missing people entered the building with a pass that allowed them into the special stacks of the library, but those same people were never seen to leave the building.

See: The Infinite Library

The Principles of Einsteinism

  • I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details
  • The further the spiritual evolution of humanity advances, the more certain it seems to me that the path to genuine religiosity does not lie through the fear of life, and the fear of death, and blind faith, but through striving after rational knowledge.
  • God is subtle but he is not malicious.
  • Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.
  • The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing
  • God does not play with dice.
  • A joke becomes much less funny if it requires an explanation.

Round Table

The Round Table

King Arthur’s Knights of the Roundtable
by Alex Healing
Used under Creative Commons License.

Round Table is a secret international organization dedicated to the investigation and neutralization of supernatural threats to humanity. The organization is loosely organized, with a Head Office issuing missions to the semi-independent teams scattered throughout the world.


The final days of Camelot did not end quite the way that the legends tell it. As Arthur lay dying, he begged the knight remaining with him to toss his mighty sword Excalibur into the nearest lake. The knight at first complied with his king’s orders. However, it saddened him that such a powerful symbol for good would be lost. So, instead he hid the sword and returned to Arthur, who queried him about what happened.

“What did you see when you threw the sword into the lake?” he asked.

“Nothing but waves lapping upon the shore, my king,” answered the knight.

“False knight!” Arthur coughed blood in a fury, “You did not follow your king’s last command? Go! Return Excalibur to the water from whence it came! Then come to me and tell me what you saw.”

The knight returned to the sword’s hiding place and threw the blade as far as his strength would allow him. Before it touched the water, a woman’s hand, fair and delicate, broke through the surface of the lake and caught the hilt of it as though tossed to her.

The legends say that the hand then drew the sword into the lake, and never seen again. But that is not what truly happened.

Instead, a female figure of inhuman beauty rose from the lake and walked across the surface of it to the stunned knight. Her voice was like music as she addressed him.

“Sir Knight, why do you discard this fine blade that my people gifted to your king?

It was a few moments before he could find his tongue to speak, “Arthur bid me return it to you.”

“I fear that Arthur believes that others will attempt to claim it for themselves, in order to gain the throne as High King. He is correct in this, but Excalibur must remain in the mortal realm.”

“Why is this, my lady?”

“There is a war that started at the beginning of Creation, and the sword must be part of that war if we are all to survive.” Her luminous eyes glanced about the shoreline as though another might be listening. She then continued, satisfied that they were alone, “Mordred was naught but a puppet. The forces that wished Camelot destroyed are invisible and unknowable. Their purpose is lower than his. Hide Excalibur in a safe place on holy ground. Tell Arthur I took back the sword so that he may rest easier.”

“What should I tell my fellow knights?”

“Tell them the lie you will tell Arthur. The Knights of the Round Table will disperse and return to their families. Then, seek out those you trust implicitly. Meet in secret. Tell them the truth. Bring them to this lake one year from today. Then I will reveal the true purpose of the Round Table and entrust you with a new quest.”

Round Table Continues

The Lady of the Lake met with the remaining knights and reminded them of the purpose that Arthur had set before them. They were the Knights of their people, and had the responsibility to protect them from harm. This time, their work conducted in secret, or the forces that destroyed Camelot would take note of them and rise again to break their alliance.

The Lady had told them that the forces of hell itself had manipulated a barrage of supernatural creatures such as Morgan Le Fay and the Green Knight to distract the knights while the lust of Guinevere and Lancelot destroyed Camelot from within.

The knights agreed, and formed a secret society. They began learning the tools of their foes and how to fight them effectively. Throughout most of its history, the Round Table would often hide itself within other secret societies such as the Knights Templar and Illuminati.

Round Table Today

Round Table remains a secret society, but it has continued to evolve. These days, it is a hidden part of the British Secret Service and uses modern intelligence techniques. Twelve teams of semi-autonomous Round Table Agents operate throughout the world.

The Athena Network coordinates the teams through the internet and phone communications.

The Agents

Round Table recruits its agents not just for their talents, but also a strong moral center. Most of them have had prior experience in dealing with the supernatural before their recruitment.

Team Positions

  • Pawn — An asset from outside Round Table. Hired for a mission and considered expendable.
  • Tower (Rook)- Muscle. A Tower’s great strength comes into play when dealing with physical threats.n Often a hand to hand specialist.
  • Knight — Combat and Weapons Specialist. Usually put in the lead for field operations.
  • Bishop — Specialist in magical, religious, or technical lore.
  • Queen — All Around Expert. Second in Command to the King. The Queen is capable of filling in for a Tower, Knight, or Bishop.
  • King — Team Leader and Administrator.

Team 13

There is no Team 13.