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dragon eyeDragons are the oldest of the Fae Races, and one of the few to achieve Actualization – the change into an actual physical race.

Common Locations: Anywhere in the Faelands.


Faeries love to imitate physical beings, usually with their own personal touches like wings and fire breath. The first forms that the ancient Fae copied were dinosaurs and lizards. They bred with the mortal animals and produced Changeling offspring that retained much of the Fae parent’s attributes.

Fae will still take on dragon form, but it is a rare occurrence. This is because the dragons have taken on the attitude that they will not allow a false dragon into their clans. Without family support, a Fae dragon Glamour avatar will often unravel shortly after it realizes it really isn’t real. Continue reading

Faekiller Blade


IMG_7733 by Marc Majcher.
Used under Creative Commons License.

A Faekiller blade is a dreaded weapon of assassination designed to bring Final Death to faeries. The weapon is alchemical in nature, and is made to enhance iron’s magic-disrupting properties.

Ordinary Iron is also capable of killing a Fey,  but is necessary to cut or otherwise wound the victim. The mere touch of a Faekiller blade will often leave burns. The alchemical process for making the blade leaves the iron in a brittle state. Sometimes there may even be visible cracks in the metal. This makes the iron unsuitable as a weapon of combat. Because of this, a weaponsmith will usually make special daggers from the metal. They take advantage of the iron’s brittleness by designing the blade to break off inside a victim’s body, allowing the iron to continue poisoning them.

True Faekiller

There are rumors that a weaponsmith has overcome the problem with brittleness, and made a small number of Faekillers made into combat-capable swords. These True Faekillers are extremely rare and expensive, due to their questionably legal nature.

The Sight

The SightThe Sight is a psychic ability that occurs naturally in some people. It allows them to see things as they really are, revealing fey and other spirits that are trying to hide, as well as see through Glamour.

Animals may also possess this ability. Does your dog or cat react to things you cannot see? Then there is something there.

Some entities may react badly to a person with The Sight. They do not like being spied upon. Continue reading



Have you ever noticed the flutter of a butterfly’s wing out of the corner of your eye, and when you turned to look the butterfly was gone?

If you have, you may have witnessed a Fey hiding itself with Glamour. This is a special magic common to almost all of the Faerie folk. Don’t ask them how they came to learn this magic. It is as natural to them as a heartbeat is to mortals. Glamour is deception given magical form, giving them the power to confuse minds and to even fool reality itself, dependent on the skill and power of the Fey employing it.


Beginning Glamour users are able to project images and sensations into another mind. Mischievous Fey will often use this power to play pranks on mortals that are travelling alone. A common prank is to confuse the mortal’s mind with false sounds and images, making them to appear drunk as they stagger about in their attempts to find their way home. Continue reading

Cold Iron

Cold IronCold iron is an archaic term for iron forged into a weapon, such as a sword or knife. It would be the equivalent to “cold steel” in modern usage.

Cold Iron also has an effect on some magic. Due to its unique crystalline structure, the metal grounds out active spells. This often blunts their power or can nullify a spell entirely.  Users of magic will often keep the amount of iron on their person to a minimum in order not to affect their own spell casting.

The Fey will often give iron a wide berth, since they are creatures actually made of magic. Masters of Glamour are capable of creating physical bodies for themselves, and iron is capable of affecting those bodies like a poison. Fey ingesting food cooked or served with iron implements may become sickened. Cuts from iron knives will appear burned along the edges of the wound. A Fey killed by an iron weapon may experience True Death, since the metal could disperse the Fey’s spirit to the point where it is unable to ever successfully reintegrate.

The Veil

ghouish veil“The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist”

Charles Baudelaire

Human beings possess an infinite capacity for self-deception. They also have a supreme antipathy for those things that disrupt the routine of their lives. This often leads to humanity’s inability to acknowledge or even see supernatural things or events. Those that deal with occult forces on a regular basis often refer to this phenomenon as, “The Veil.”

The Veil is both a friend and foe to agents of Round Table. Missions are covert in order to avoid panic. People’s refusal to see what is going on around them or to rationalize it away prevents that from happening. However, this disbelief also makes it difficult to save innocents when they cannot realize the danger they are in.

The Veil does not affect very young children, but they do acquire the condition as they age. Usually, the Veil is firmly in place by the age of 13. Occult training or unusual life experiences will stave off the Veil. Mental diseases that induce hallucinations or delusions have also prevented the Veil from forming for the patient. Continue reading

Johann Katz

Johann Katz“I don’t want you to go, Johann.”

The childlike queen crushed the ginger Tomcat to her. He gave her a hug around the neck with his front paws as he spoke,”I know, your majesty, but we agreed that this was an important mission. I will return to you in six months with much news of the mortal world.”

“Yes, yes,” she sighed, “There is an Evil growing here. I only wish that the Round Table hadn’t asked for you. They were adamant that a Fey with your knowledge of magic would be a perfect spy.”

She lowered him to the farm road just outside Berlin, Germany. He gave a little shiver as his paws touched mortal soil for the first time. There was so much power here! So different from back home. His eyes closed as the sun caressed his furry face. So much brighter than home! The sweet scent of hay and wildflowers reached his nostrils and he breathed deeply. He was already in love with this place.

Like a candle melting in reverse, his form began to grow taller and broader.  Ginger fur changed to golden blonde hair as his new face began to match the image of the German youth he had formed in his mind. He kept one aspect of his original cat form, his tail. His Glamour clothed the new form in the style of the day to cover that imperfection. He opened brilliant blue eyes and looked at Titania.

She pouted prettily at him in an attempt to break his heart and make him come back with her, “I’ve already lost you, haven’t I?”

“Never,” the conviction in his voice surprised him, “I will always be your little brother. I will see you in six months.”

With that, the newly-minted vagabond took his first step into a new life.

Continue reading

Round Table

The Round Table

King Arthur’s Knights of the Roundtable
by Alex Healing
Used under Creative Commons License.

Round Table is a secret international organization dedicated to the investigation and neutralization of supernatural threats to humanity. The organization is loosely organized, with a Head Office issuing missions to the semi-independent teams scattered throughout the world.


The final days of Camelot did not end quite the way that the legends tell it. As Arthur lay dying, he begged the knight remaining with him to toss his mighty sword Excalibur into the nearest lake. The knight at first complied with his king’s orders. However, it saddened him that such a powerful symbol for good would be lost. So, instead he hid the sword and returned to Arthur, who queried him about what happened.

“What did you see when you threw the sword into the lake?” he asked.

“Nothing but waves lapping upon the shore, my king,” answered the knight.

“False knight!” Arthur coughed blood in a fury, “You did not follow your king’s last command? Go! Return Excalibur to the water from whence it came! Then come to me and tell me what you saw.”

The knight returned to the sword’s hiding place and threw the blade as far as his strength would allow him. Before it touched the water, a woman’s hand, fair and delicate, broke through the surface of the lake and caught the hilt of it as though tossed to her.

The legends say that the hand then drew the sword into the lake, and never seen again. But that is not what truly happened.

Instead, a female figure of inhuman beauty rose from the lake and walked across the surface of it to the stunned knight. Her voice was like music as she addressed him.

“Sir Knight, why do you discard this fine blade that my people gifted to your king?

It was a few moments before he could find his tongue to speak, “Arthur bid me return it to you.”

“I fear that Arthur believes that others will attempt to claim it for themselves, in order to gain the throne as High King. He is correct in this, but Excalibur must remain in the mortal realm.”

“Why is this, my lady?”

“There is a war that started at the beginning of Creation, and the sword must be part of that war if we are all to survive.” Her luminous eyes glanced about the shoreline as though another might be listening. She then continued, satisfied that they were alone, “Mordred was naught but a puppet. The forces that wished Camelot destroyed are invisible and unknowable. Their purpose is lower than his. Hide Excalibur in a safe place on holy ground. Tell Arthur I took back the sword so that he may rest easier.”

“What should I tell my fellow knights?”

“Tell them the lie you will tell Arthur. The Knights of the Round Table will disperse and return to their families. Then, seek out those you trust implicitly. Meet in secret. Tell them the truth. Bring them to this lake one year from today. Then I will reveal the true purpose of the Round Table and entrust you with a new quest.”

Round Table Continues

The Lady of the Lake met with the remaining knights and reminded them of the purpose that Arthur had set before them. They were the Knights of their people, and had the responsibility to protect them from harm. This time, their work conducted in secret, or the forces that destroyed Camelot would take note of them and rise again to break their alliance.

The Lady had told them that the forces of hell itself had manipulated a barrage of supernatural creatures such as Morgan Le Fay and the Green Knight to distract the knights while the lust of Guinevere and Lancelot destroyed Camelot from within.

The knights agreed, and formed a secret society. They began learning the tools of their foes and how to fight them effectively. Throughout most of its history, the Round Table would often hide itself within other secret societies such as the Knights Templar and Illuminati.

Round Table Today

Round Table remains a secret society, but it has continued to evolve. These days, it is a hidden part of the British Secret Service and uses modern intelligence techniques. Twelve teams of semi-autonomous Round Table Agents operate throughout the world.

The Athena Network coordinates the teams through the internet and phone communications.

The Agents

Round Table recruits its agents not just for their talents, but also a strong moral center. Most of them have had prior experience in dealing with the supernatural before their recruitment.

Team Positions

  • Pawn — An asset from outside Round Table. Hired for a mission and considered expendable.
  • Tower (Rook)- Muscle. A Tower’s great strength comes into play when dealing with physical threats.n Often a hand to hand specialist.
  • Knight — Combat and Weapons Specialist. Usually put in the lead for field operations.
  • Bishop — Specialist in magical, religious, or technical lore.
  • Queen — All Around Expert. Second in Command to the King. The Queen is capable of filling in for a Tower, Knight, or Bishop.
  • King — Team Leader and Administrator.

Team 13

There is no Team 13.

Capture Gun

The Capture Gun is a grenade launcher built along the lines of a machine gun, making it fairly light and easy to aim. It fires small grenades filled with  a fast acting polymer foam. Upon impact and release, the foam quickly covers a human sized target. It then sets into rock-like hardness within seconds, trapping the target within. The Capture Gun has proven most effective against vampires and other physical creatures that are immune to conventional weaponry.

A solvent made for the foam can release the target. Application of the solvent causes the foam to render into dust into just under a minute’s time.

Caution: Use with caution against living targets,to prevent suffocation. Recommendation is to shoot at the feet.

Manufacturer: Round Table. Custom made.

Effective Range: 150 m.

Weight: 5.5 kg

Capacity: 20 Capture Grenades


“So, this is what Time looks like?”

Simplified Model of the Omniverse

Simplified Model of the Omniverse

Solomon looked back over his shoulder at the Senator, “This is just a small portion of it. I’ve programmed the Yggdrasil supercomputer to give us the center of it and reduce the model to simply the major branches. Otherwise, it would fill up the monitor so that the entire screen would be nothing but green. We’ve already made some inroads exploring these other branches, and I’m sure that with further funding. . . “

The Senator cut him off, “This is all fine and dandy, Dr. Solomon, but what makes you think that the United States government would be so willing to pour more money into what has so far proven to be nothing but pure research?”

“Exactly why I asked for you specifically, Senator.” Solomon unwrapped a snow globe and placed it on the desk in front of the Senator. It was a cheap little thing that could be purchased in any gift shop in Washington DC. However, among the swirling plastic snowflakes could be seen the flag of the USSR and the words, “Welcome to Amerika” printed below that.

Senator Joseph McCarthy sharply took in a breath. Solomon smiled enigmatically, “We retrieved this from a branch of time very near ours. If we have the technology to hop into their reality, it’s a good bet they also possess this same technology. They may not stop at pure research.”

It was 1954, and the Red Scare was in full force. Solomon got his funding.

A philosophical wag one said that the only reason for the existence of Time was to make certain that everything didn’t happen at once. He was quite correct in this statement, but not in the way that one might imagine.

When you put time into a visual context, it is usually expressed as a series of events in a single line. . . Event A leads to Event B to Event C. The nature of time isn’t so simple. Time is not a line. Time is a tree with an infinite number of branches. . For every even that occurs, time splits into other realities where the alternatives to that event are carried out.

For example, if Joe stops at an intersection on the way to work, and then continues straight ahead… In Branch A, Joe instead decides to blow off work and turns left instead. In Branch B, Joe remembers something he needs to pick up something at the pharmacy, and turns right. In Branch C, Joe runs the stop sign and is hit by a truck. All the Joes (except maybe for Joe C) then continue to create their own alternate Joes in their own realities, ad infinitum.

There are an infinite number of Universes woven together by Time into a Omniverse.

Event Zero

Event Zero is the center hub of the Omniverse branches, and represents the creation(s) of the Omniverse. Though it is a singular chronological event, research into the creation of several Zero Branch realities has proven that they were brought into existence by something other than the Big Bang. Evidence of this has been strongest in those branches where magic has replaced science as the ascendant mode of thought.


Zero Branch- The divergence begins at Event Zero. These changes affect the entire universe and may result in different physical laws and/or an alternate origin of the Universe.

Major Branch– Divergence occurs on an international/global level.

Minor Branch– Divergence from the city level up to the national level.

Micro Branch – Divergence that affect a single person or small group of people.

Divergence Label

The Yggdrassil  mainframe computer of Project: Outsider labels discovered branches and predicts possible new branches. Each label uses the following format:

[Native Name for World] – [Order of Discovery, in case of duplicate world names.] – [Date of Divergence yyyymmdd] – [Military Time of Divergence hhmmss] Example: Terra-203-20050822-132259

Traveling the Omniverse

There are methods of hopping from one branch to another. Most of these are difficult due to the extreme steps one must take and the ever-changing nature of the Omniverse.

Magnetic Translation

This process for traveling between the branches was first discovered during the infamous Philadephia Experiment. The process has since been stabilized by the US Government’s Project: Outsider, but still remains a potentially dangerous process.

Volunteers subjected to the process have their personal magnetic field temporarily altered to match that of another branch. The volunteer attaches a stabilization device to prevent the side effects experienced by the crew of the USS Eldridge in the original Experiment.


A portal is literally a doorway to another world. They have been known to occur naturally. Those happening in nature are invisible, unstable and often allow for travel in only one direction. Primary examples can be found in the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

Artificial portals have been known to exist. Very often they are the products of magic instead of science.

Academia Magica

The Academia Magica is a stately Victorian mansion with the unique feature that the building physically exists in several realities simultaneously. It can be found in realities that have a high magic rating, and always in an area with a high amount of mana. Its home location is Avalon, the Faerie Island in Arthurian legend.

The Academia is a famous School of Magic among Adepts. It is known for teaching the Raw Magick, a style of magic adaptable to numerous realities.

Infinite Library

The Infinite Library is an interdimensional construct that links an uncountable number of realities together. Each of its openings end in a library anchored in one reality or another. In every case, that library is well known for the rare knowledge it contains.

The Library is maintained by the Order of St. Albert (Einstein). This Gnostic brotherhood of monks has made it its mission to collect all existing knowledge. Their belief is that all knowledge is a reflection of God, and by collecting all knowledge; they would gain a complete picture of God.

O.D. McGuffin, Curiosities

Looking at the entrance, it does not appear very impressive. The shop has a single, nondescript door with a small brass plaque upon it with “O.D. McGuffin, Curiosities” engraved upon it. Opening the door leads into a cozy little shop with a wide variety of exotic doo-dads hung upon the walls and in glass cases. Just about any time the shop is open, you can find the elderly proprietor, O.D. McGuffin, grousing behind the counter.

There is only one shop, but it has many locations. The front door is a dimensional portal that opens up to a number of alternate realities. The door is usually found in a non-obvious place, usually amidst a number of small shops or even in an alley.

You can buy just about anything at O.D. McGuffin’s, if you can pay the price. However, money is nearly useless to the dimension-spanning shopkeeper. There is only one coin that has any value that is good in just about any reality . . . Information. O.D. is a shrewd negotiator, earning him the nickname of “Old Devil.” It is a reputation he seems to delight in.