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Faekiller Blade


IMG_7733 by Marc Majcher.
Used under Creative Commons License.

A Faekiller blade is a dreaded weapon of assassination designed to bring Final Death to faeries. The weapon is alchemical in nature, and is made to enhance iron’s magic-disrupting properties.

Ordinary Iron is also capable of killing a Fey,  but is necessary to cut or otherwise wound the victim. The mere touch of a Faekiller blade will often leave burns. The alchemical process for making the blade leaves the iron in a brittle state. Sometimes there may even be visible cracks in the metal. This makes the iron unsuitable as a weapon of combat. Because of this, a weaponsmith will usually make special daggers from the metal. They take advantage of the iron’s brittleness by designing the blade to break off inside a victim’s body, allowing the iron to continue poisoning them.

True Faekiller

There are rumors that a weaponsmith has overcome the problem with brittleness, and made a small number of Faekillers made into combat-capable swords. These True Faekillers are extremely rare and expensive, due to their questionably legal nature.

Dimensional Regulator

While traveling to a parallel timeline by magnetic translation, dimensional travelers (also known as Outsiders) gain a “charge.” This charge is unstable due to the constant changes that occur in the human body. Each Outsider must wear a Dimensional Regulator, a small device that stabilizes the charge. A Regulator allows an Outsider to operate without being subject to the side effects of dimensional travel. Advanced models can manipulate the charge allow for some limited dimension effects.


The Regulator is often disguised as a wristwatch or bracelet. This is to allow for easy access to the Regulator’s control panel. A hidden catch will open the control panel of the device, allowing the wearer to make use of it. There are pendant and ring versions as well. These will stabilize the charge, and allow the wearer to return home, but nothing else. A ring or pendant is often used as a backup in case the main Regulator is lost or damaged.

Weight.: 250 grams. (Ring is a 100 grams.)


The Regulator stabilizes the dimensional charge in an Outsider. This is a passive ability, and all that the Regulator need do is stay in contact with the wearer’s body for it to work. There are three buttons to produce different effects with the dimensional charge:

Red Button – Returns the Outsider to his home timeline.
Yellow Button – Renders the wearer invisible to Visible Light, Infrared Light, and Radar.
Blue Button – Shoves the wearer slightly out of phase with the reality, making them untouchable and able to pass through physical objects.

The Outsider may use the yellow and blue buttons safely  5 times per day. Using them more often than that can cause Destabilization. The red button rids the wearer of the dimensional charge, returning him to his own timeline.


Removal the Regulator from the wearer while he is in a another reality or overuse of the yellow or blue buttons may cause Destabilization. One of the following things may happen:

  • Returns to home reality.
  • Snaps to a random reality.
  • Freeze- Becomes paralyzed and invisible. He is still conscious and overly aware of time’s passage. People laying hands on the victim will ground the unstable charge and end the freeze.
  • Deep Freeze- As above, but he goes into a coma-like state. People laying hands on the victim will ground the unstable charge and end the deep freeze.
  • Becomes intangible.


Capture Gun

The Capture Gun is a grenade launcher built along the lines of a machine gun, making it fairly light and easy to aim. It fires small grenades filled with  a fast acting polymer foam. Upon impact and release, the foam quickly covers a human sized target. It then sets into rock-like hardness within seconds, trapping the target within. The Capture Gun has proven most effective against vampires and other physical creatures that are immune to conventional weaponry.

A solvent made for the foam can release the target. Application of the solvent causes the foam to render into dust into just under a minute’s time.

Caution: Use with caution against living targets,to prevent suffocation. Recommendation is to shoot at the feet.

Manufacturer: Round Table. Custom made.

Effective Range: 150 m.

Weight: 5.5 kg

Capacity: 20 Capture Grenades