BMW iDrive CIC hidden service menu (E87 E90 E60 X1 X3 X5)

Hello! Today we are in BMW X1 the e84 model with mid-range navigation the CIC iDrive navigation with the small screen but this navigation system is not exclusive for this car. Let’s start with going to the menu to the main screen and right now push the control knob forward and keep it pushed for about eight seconds. (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight) OK, now 3 turns to the right, 3 to the left, 1 to the right, 1 to the left, and 1 to the right. Now press it and if you’ve done it right the navigation screen will not response to the last press. Because on the screen you will have the phone or navigation highlighted and when you make that last press you will not enter that option on your navigation screen. And that way you know that the activation went OK. Now go down to settings and scroll all the way down and you’ll see the service menu option over here.

And over here we have the Navigation, Phone and BMW Services, and the Gracenote. So we can go to navigation and check different diagnostic information that can be useful if you are troubleshooting issues with your map guidance. So we can see over here what’s your GPS status. what’s your position, the sea level height, is the GPS fixed. OK, we can perform some sensor tests. Navigation is using your ABS sensors to estimate your position when the GPS signal is low. If you are in a tunnel or underground parking navigation will still know (will try to know) where exactly are you based on the will spin of your car.

You can check the navigation databased version over here, test your voice guidance “Navigation is not active. Navigation is…” OK, let’s turn it off. And of course to exit this menu just press BACK or press the MENU button and you are out. OK, you can check my other videos about BMW and other cars. Thank you for watching. .